11gR2 INS-40724错误

在AIX 6.1上安装11gR2 RAC,无DNS,配置scan ip过程中出现错误:见截图
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/etc/hosts配置如下: xxx_aaaaaa_3_boot1 xxx_aaaaaa_3_boot2 xxx_aaaaaa_3_pers xxx_aaaaaa_3 xxx_aaaaaa_3_svc xxx_aaaaaa3_vip xxx_crmsnn3_priv xxx_aaaaaa_4_boot1 AIX要求的boot IP xxx_aaaaaa_4_boot2 AIX要求的boot IP xxx_aaaaaa_4_pers xxx_aaaaaa_4 主机的物理ip xxx_aaaaaa_4_svc xxx_aaaaaa4_vip 主机的浮动ip xxx_aaaaaa4_priv RAC的心跳IP bbbbb-scan



 # ifconfig -a
 en0: inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
en2: inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
 inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
en6: inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
 inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
lo0: inet netmask 0xff000000 broadcast


11gR2 RAC安装时,如要配置SCAN IP,可通过DNS/GNS或是直接配置/etc/hosts的方式,客户无DNS,只能通过配置/etc/hosts的方式解决,Oracle文档中可以看到对这种方式的描述:
However, in order to overcome the installation requirement without setting up a DNS-based SCAN resolution, you can use a hosts-file based workaround. In this case, you would use a typical hosts-file entry to resolve the SCAN to only 1 IP address and one IP address only. It is not possible to simulate the round-robin resolution that the DNS server does using a local host file. The host file look-up the OS performs will only return the first IP address that matches the name. Neither will you be able to do so in one entry (one line in the hosts-file). Thus, you will create only 1 SCAN for the cluster. (Note that you will have to change the hosts-file on all nodes in the cluster for this purpose.)注意,scan ip的配置需要写在每个节点上。


Define a public interface with a subnet matching the SCAN VIP or choose a SCAN VIP with a subnet matching the public interface.
Solutions for Typical 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure/RAC Database runInstaller Issues [ID 1056713.1]
P: [INS-40724] No locally defined network interface matches the SCAN VIP subnet.
S: Public IP and SCAN VIP should be in same subnet, and public IP should be primary IP on a NIC.
前一句与之前论坛上的一致,但是后一句也同样重要,Public IP应为NIC上的主IP。

1.en2上,Primary IP应配置为138.199.10.15
3.两节点/etc/hosts文件中的scan ip配置需要重新对比下,需要保证一致。


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