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Oracle 10g新特性: Temporary Tablespaces Group

Grouping temporary tablespaces within a single group enables a user to consume temporary space from multiple tablespaces. (将临时表空间打包成组后,用户就能同时使用多个表空间作为临时表空间)

. A temporary tablespace group contains at least one tablespace. There is no limit for a group to have a maximum number of tablespaces.(临时表空间组包含至少一个表空间,至多无上限)
. It shares the namespace of tablespaces, thus its name cannot be the same as that of any tablespace.(共享表空间的命名空间,也就是说,临时表空间组的名称不能与任何一个表空间名称相同)
. A temporary tablespace group name can appear where a tablespace name would appear when assigning a default temporary tablespace for the database or assigning a temporary tablespace for a user.(当为数据库指定临时表空间或为用户指定临时表空间时,可以使用临时表空间组的名称)
. It is not created explicitly. It gets created implicitly when the first temporary tablespace is assigned to it and it is dropped when the last temporary tablespace is removed from it.(临时表空间组无法显式的创建。当第一个临时表空间指定给它时则隐式创建,当最后一个临时表空间移除时则隐式的被删除)
. Any temporary tablespace can be
–> moved from a group to another (if the group does not exist, it gets created)
–> removed from a group
–> added to a group if standalone

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